Seriously Chic Destination Wedding in the coast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

“The moment I saw her, a part of me walked out of my body and wrapped itself around her. And there it still remains.”
― Arundhati Roy, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The First Date:

 I literally showed up for the drinks, and he had an agenda, which included asking me about my 5 year plan (travel, family, work) and telling me we could be great together (“100 percent” I responded)! On our 8-hour marathon date, we also talked about our families, relationships, friendships, our shared love of traveling, our impulsiveness, if we wanted children, what names we would choose, how we ended up in Annapolis… You name it, we talked about it!

The Proposal:

I knew the evening of our first date that this was the woman I was destined to be with. Not only who I have always wanted but who I have always needed. Over the course of the the first 6 months of our relationship, we traveled to Florida, California, New York, Mexico, and were planning a trip to Dominican Republic with some friends. My family and friends instantly fell in love with Kimberley and the connection with her family was nothing short of natural and amazing. I had already decided that this was the woman I was marrying but knew that my proposal would need certain elements to make it just what I wanted it to be and what she deserved. I set out to find the perfect ring with some design ideas inspired by what I had learned about Kimberley in our time together. After finding the ring I knew that having her parents, grandparents, and best friend Annie present was not negotiable. I unexpectedly stopped in at the Hall residence to ask Kimberley’s father Ian for her hand in marriage and he welcomed me with open arms. I decided that the best place to propose would be at the location where it all started, which was our first date at Paladar.

Our six month anniversary was approaching so I started planning my proposal. In the weeks leading up to the proposal I had ensure that no one involved spilled the secret and that Kim would not accidentally see or hear any of my communication with her family or friends. I wasn’t nervous about proposing but I was so wrapped up in making sure that my proposal was perfect that I didn’t notice Kim brewing her own surprise. On our way to dinner on our 6 month anniversary we argued who would have the better gift and I was sure my gift was going to be the better. We arrived at Paladar and after walking to a private room and being met by family and friends, I dropped down to one knee and proposed. In true Kim Hall fashion, she paused me in order to remove her jacket so that she could get some good pictures and then she said yes. At this point I knew her gift could not be better than this. After the excitement of what had just occurred subsided a bit, Kim decided to take me into a separate private room with the photographer to finally give me her gift. Little did I know, that her gift and secret was that we were expecting our first child. Kim will tell you that I cried when she broke the news but you can’t see tears in the picture so don’t believe everything you hear. And that folks, is the story of our engagement and baby announcement. Thanks for reading.


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From Claire Duran Wedding & Events:
Kimberley and Marcelo live outside of Annapolis, Maryland. When they got engaged in May 11 of 2016, they immediately decided that they wanted to get married an exact year after on May 11 of 2017 and they wanted it to be a destination wedding. In a family trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (DR) a few weeks after their engagement, they visited Boca Marina Restaurant & Lounge, and were immediately hooked. They had found their wedding venue!
Once we at Claire Duran Weddings & Events were brought onboard, we were incredibly excited to work with them. I, Claire, was born and raised in the DR and love the way that our business has developed this unique opportunity to work with brides in the US (and elsewhere) in planning their destination weddings, especially in a place and industry I know so well.  We were thrilled to help them navigate the particularly complex task of planning their non-resort destination wedding and take away all stress regarding vendors communication and language barriers, in a country where customer service functions quite differently from what we are used to in the US.
Kimberley and Marcelo expressed how they wanted an intimate,  colorful, and simply elegant celebration, and to let their venue speak for itself. Hence, we focused on letting the beautiful Caribbean backdrop to be the main decor takeaway, and asked Amy of Amy Lauren Floral Design (who also joined in from Maryland) to create beautiful pieces that would only serve to complement what was already going on instead of making them be the main statement. While in the DR non-tropical flower diversity is very limited, we were so lucky to get gorgeous imported garden roses and peonies that were simply put: spectacular! (especially considering how rare it is to work with those blooms down there). These flowers together with the exquisite rentals inventory from Divano, gave us all we needed to make their wedding dreams come true.
From Us:
On our First Skype videoconference before booking us Kimberley & Marcelo remarked: “What we like about your photographs is that we could feel the emotions that the people in your photos shared with each other.  We want to feel that about our wedding photographs, we’re hoping that these pictures can be put up, not only by us, but by our future children for decades to come. And now that we have a daughter, too, we’re really excited to capture her in this moment.
And so we have a feeling that we really nailed exactly what they were looking and what they hired us for, it was for us an honor and a privilege to capture such beautiful memories for Kimberley, Marcello and their precious Isabella.

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Asia Pimentel Photography
Planning, Design, Coordination: Claire Duran Weddings & Events
Floral Design: Amy Lauren Floral Design
Venue and Catering: Boca Marina Restaurant & Lounge
Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia
Bridal Store: Wren Bridal
Hair: Yudelka Zapata for Jochy Campusano
Makeup: Yamila Lebron for Jochy Campusano
Wedding Cake: Cake Studio by Mily Pimentel
Music: Quartet Music
Rentals: Divano
Runners: Linen Lark
Wedding Invitations: A La Carte Paperie
Film Lab: The Find Lab

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