Romantic Beach Destination Wedding at Huracan Cafe Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Punta Cana Wedding Photographer.

“Now at last they are beginning Chapter One of the Great Story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever, in which every chapter is better  than the one before”

We are glad to share with you another of our favourite  2015.  Such a beautiful day, as always the exquisite talent of Mayte Marie and Natalia Roldan  delighted us  with  such beautiful decor,  Penelope and Eliezer another of our  sweetest  couple, everything conspired to make this day memorable in the entire sense of the word! Please Enjoy!

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Enjoy this wedding as seen in:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 3.53.43 PM


Boy meet Girl!    At the time I was working as a sales associate for a shoe store. I remember it was a hot summer day. There were no customers and I was by myself.   Eliezer stopped by the store since he used to be very good friends with the owner.  We were both so tuned into each other that we couldn’t stop talking.

He Propose:  We had a very intimate proposal.  As we were ready leave the house to go to the gym , Eliezer got on his knees and proposed. There was no one else at his house to capture the moment just us two. Eliezer’s plan was to propose the week after while on vacation, but he could not wait and proposed the same day he purchased the ring.

About the wedding:  Planning our wedding was relatively easy,  we were both pretty flexible and did not have to compromise on anything. Eliezer gave me the chance of getting everything I wanted. ;)  

I would describe my wedding as a rustic meets vintage allure. Walking into the restaurant was nothing but delightful. Starting with the chandeliers and the Welcome to Our Love Story sign to the most delicate and ravishing table setups that I have ever seen.  Mayte Marie together with Natalia Roldan created a fantasy wedding, our fantasy wedding.  It is unbelievable how someone can recreate your ideas so beautifully and these girls outdid what I had envisioned.  Their passion, originality and creativity is surreal. Our wedding was unique, simple but also full of exquisite details such us  the small bird nests placed on top of everyone’s plate with their names.  The bird nests to symbolize our union and the start of a new life together and our wish that each one of our  wonderful family and friends,  be part of our new journey.

 Another remarkable detail was Our wedding cake  The entire cake was decorated with real flowers. Three tiers,  red velvet,  pineapple & guayaba and tres leche that tasted like no other. 

From the experience to plan my wedding,  the only advice I have for future brides is:  Leaving things for last minute is a big no no. This added unnecessary stress the week before the big day. 

Bridal dress designer: Watters

Bridal shoes:  Vince Camuto

Bridal jewellery:  Tiffany & Co.

Grooms suit:  Banana Republic

Pageboy suit:  J Crew

Vendors team:

Venue Huracan Cafe

Wedding Planning & Decor  Natalia Roldan  & Mayte Marie

Cake : Cake Studio Bavaro