Punta Cana Photographer, Paradisus Palma Real Resorts, Danielle & Matt Punta Cana Destination Wedding!

Once upon a time, on a rainy day in Punta Cana a beautiful Destination wedding happened!!

We are glad to introduce you with one of our first weddings completely shot in film, please enjoy the beautiful & Intimate wedding of Danielle and Matt at Paradisus Palma Real Resort! We hope you like it!

matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-026-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-034-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-062-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-254-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-091-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-137-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-114-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-175-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-177-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-222-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-148-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-194-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-218-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-213-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-241-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-207-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-228-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-201-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-167-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-150-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-311-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-302-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-294-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-344-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-336-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-319-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-323-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-331-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-333-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-322-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-356-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-437-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-447-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-450-M


matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-408-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-403-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-405-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-417-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-426-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-483-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-475-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-521-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-531-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-514-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-558-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-561-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-576-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-590-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-592-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-596-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-612-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-649-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-651-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-676-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-680-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-701-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-703-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-760-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-768-M

matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-770-X2 Altos de Chavon, at Casa the Campo, La Romana. Film and Altos de Chavon are secret lovers! Nothing can capture the light, the colours and the timeless essence of Altos de Chavon as Film does!

matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-794-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-837-X2

matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-896-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-884-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-849-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-873-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-857-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-914-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-915-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-948-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-934-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-904-M matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-931-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-926-X2 matt_danielle_asiapimentel_photo-927-X2


Enjoy this wedding as seen in:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.16.56 AM


Boy meets Girls!  We are both from the same small town, we grew up in houses only a few hundred feet from each other, but did not meet until high school, and did not date until our late 20s. It is funny to us now that we were in such close proximity to each other our whole lives, but did not connect until later in life

Proposal!!   It was on Valentine’s Day. I had been planning on proposing for a while, but was not able to take Danielle to the location I had picked due a long stretch of cold weather. Danielle set up a scavenger hunt with a series of clues for me to find my Valentine’s Day gift. I took the opportunity to hijack her idea and end in a way she would never expect. So I set up a scavenger hunt of my own where I was her chauffeur (complete with uniform) and drove her around to places that were special to us as part of each clue. The final clue brought us to our night time ski trail, when she was searching for her clue she turned around to find me on one knee with a ring.

 Wedding vision, Style/color/scheme!

A tropical destination wedding was always a top choice for us. We have had many lovely holidays in Punta Cana and chose Paradisus Palma Real for its beautiful property and great wedding packages and venues. We had 25 of our closest family and friends.

The Ceremony  was on the beach, but still felt very intimate.  Our wedding  style was rustic chic, Burlap was a predominant fabric choice and teal was a main colour a very modest amount of local flowers (white & blue). There were a lot of personal touches with many of the decorations hand-made by the bride, and we chose a cake that would best feature our cake topper which featured sculptures of us in our wedding attire with our dog Murfee (who could not attend the wedding).

Our reception I would describe it as non-traditional. No pre-determined speeches or dances, just an opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones and have a great time. There was also a surprise circus show which included strength and acrobatic displays.

 Designer for your wedding dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry

Wedding dress – Maggie Sottero

Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Groom’s attire

Z Zegna

Wedding Venue and Coordination

Paradisus Palma Real Hotel

Paradisus Palma Real  Romance  Team


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