Punta Cana Photographer, A Dream Punta Cana Destination Wedding at Jelly Fish!

Well, it was a Saturday evening, I had worked a 7-3 shift, and went home.   Jay asked if I wanted to go shopping, and of course I said yes!  So as I was getting ready, I received a call from my brother, who stated he was at the hospital and was going to be having emergency surgery in the early a.m. I started to panic because a few weeks before that, he had undergone an appendectomy, thinking as a nurse, I figured he was having abdominal pain from complications, I turned to Jay and told him what my brother said and that we couldn’t go shopping because we needed head to the hospital.  Jay was so quick to reply back with, “Okay babe, thats fine, lets go.” Little did I know, it was all a set up to get me to the first place where Jay and I laid eyes on each other, South Shore Hospital. As we walked into the hospital, I saw my brother sitting on the stairs in his business casual clothing. In my head, I was like what is going on, I thought he was in a hospital room, as I walked up the stairs I asked my brother, “Why are you out here?  Then, I heard Jay say, “well…and as I turned I saw him get on his knees.” I started to panic….then I saw family members running towards us with flowers, video recorder and cameras. Oh my!  So my brother was never having surgery! He got me good!  After 6 years of dating,  Jay proposed to me with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I’ll never forget when he said, “Wasn’t it worth the wait?” It sure was!

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Jay and I have always agreed that we wanted a small wedding on the beach on a tropical island. After our engagement, we decided to have our wedding in the Dominican Republic since it was our first vacation together out of the country 4 years ago. We decided to have our wedding on the resort, where we were staying. But, honestly from the resort wedding pictures I saw, it just didn’t feel right, I knew they couldn’t give me my dream wedding, so I continued to search online for weeks, until  I came across a photo of this restaurant on the beach in Punta Cana, DR, that was breathtaking. I saw pictures from past weddings and just could envision Jay and I getting married there.
The ceremony was everything we had ever dreamed of, gold and blush everywhere! Our wedding day was hot and sunny with no clouds in the sky, we prayed that with the Carribean weather it wouldn’t rain while we were exchanging our vows. The wedding coordinators brought our wedding vision to life, white wooden platform with large lantern along the aisle, tiffany chairs with blush fabrics weaved into the chair, with a beautiful decorated arch at the end! We were surrounded by our closest family and friends witnessing us becoming husband and wife. Come on, I mean who wouldn’t want to be on a Carribean island getting married to the man of their dreams!

The reception was absolutely amazing! Romantic and Elegant! Candles, birdcages, orchids, pearls, rose gold sequins tablecloths, gold tiffany chairs, engagement photos of us and of course our furbaby, Nova!    What made our reception unique was Jay and I never wanted to bother doing seating charts for our guest, I mean we didn’t have many guests and we didn’t want people to have sitting arrangements, our guests commented that they loved that!   Then our dance floor was ridiculous! White sparkling lighting dance floor with a swing attached from top and with the LOVE lighted structure was totally above and beyond!  Along our whole dance floor were cocktail tables and beach furniture which included lounge chairs and pillows! Everyone loved that! Then towards the end of the night, we surprised our guests with a live fire show performance! They freaked out, “Like you guys really went crazy! This was by far the best wedding we have ever been to!”
Our inspiration for the cake obviously came from Pinterest! The cake was probably the easiest process for the wedding.  I found pictures through a facebook group called, Punta Cana Brides, of a cake shop in Punta Cana called Cake Studio Bavaro! All the girls in the group past and future brides raved about the cakes Ana made!  So of course I did my research and booked with her. We chose a three tier round blush colored cake with multiple small pearls around the top and middle tiers. We chose 3 different flavors for each tier, carrots with nuts, vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling, and vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  Cake topper included mini pink roses that Ana included and a gold glittery sign I bought on Etsy that said, “Love is Sweet!” If theres one thing Jay and I wish we did at the wedding was to have more cake. I had a bite of a piece of cake and Jay didn’t even have any!  We were too busy partying on the dance floor! Our guests raved about the cake and how good it was! I remember a guest telling me, “The cake was so good that I made sure I had a piece of each tier!”  A+++ to Cake Studio Bavaro!

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Venue Jellyfish Restaurant
MUA: Krystie Ann Hair & Makeup Artist

Cake:Cake Studio Bavaro
Videography: Punta Cana CoreFilms
Foreshow: Agua Azul Fire Show