Punta Cana Destination Wedding, Paulina and Grzesiek Chic Destination Wedding!

Paulina and Grez’s love story started out like any other young NYC couples who have exhausted every other avenue of finding true love: A set-up.

Paulina’s sister Michalina met a new friend at work Jamie, who was to be married to Lukasz. Upon the presentation of Luke’s picture to Michalina (who is engaged to be married) she exclaimed: “HOT DAMN, does he have any friends?!!.”In her defense it was all in good taste as she wanted to find a husband for her older sister, who had a magnet for the less-than-perfect category of the male species. Jamie proceeded to tell Michalina that Luke did indeed have one attractive single male friend (emphasis on the ONE): Grzesiek.

He was tall, athletic built and apparently the sweetest person ever (must be all the chocolate he eats)! Jamie organized a party at her apartment where Grzesiek and Paulina were to meet.  At the party Greg asked Paulina to go sky diving with him, and she who has an agonizing fear of heights, thought “I’ve found the one.” In all seriousness though, not Paulina, not Michalina and probably not Grzesiek or Jamie thought those two would have hit it off the way they did!  The rest as they say is ancient history…   And so here we want to present to you some glimpses of Paulina and Grzesiek’s perfect wedding day!

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If you are playing with the idea of a Punta Cana Destination wedding, here there are some insights from Paulina that  may be useful for you! :)

Wedding Vision, the style/color/scheme, experience!

I have visited Dominican Republic on numerous occasions and I fell in love with the way of life there and the people. Everything is at a slower pace and no one seems anxious or rushed into anything. That is how I wanted to experience our wedding in a form of relaxed vacation for us and guests. 

The very architectural and beautiful stone catholic church in the middle of a tropical paradise and the ceremony lead in Polish by our father friend Stanislaw and my grandfather Micheal on the keyboard. It was unique that we were able to bring Polish culture into a country that is as religious as we are. Exchanging our vows in our native language was priceless.

Jelly Fish restaurant is almost completely open to the outdoors and it is right on the beach, not to mention that it is shaped like a huge jellyfish! The road leading to it it’s very narrow, winey and uneven, which makes is a surprise when you actually get to the end where beautiful Jellyfish restaurant appears.

We completely trusted the decorators at Jellyfish to that the flowers will be in different shades of purple and white, and NO roses. I see roses everywhere at weddings so I was hoping to get something more of a local feel. I also wanted some of them to be in birdcages for a fairytale feel of the decor.  Purple, teal and silver, jewels (as my dress was very jeweled) and beach theme, emphasizing on the beautiful location and uniqueness. Same for our  cake,  Simplicity, color pop, seashells, jewels… 

Many guests told me that the venue was the most “sexy” venue they have ever attended. We also booked “crazy hour” where Dominican entertainers dance with guests, perform and organize a fire show. I think that was fun addition to the reception, by the end of the night the guests  took home bottles of Dominican rum painted in our colors.  I wanted to make sure the favors were local.


Bride’s attire
wedding dress: Martina Liana
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Earrings: Pree Brulee www.preebrulee.com
Bouquet: Secret Garden Bouquets (https://www.etsy.com/shop/secretgardenbouquets) beach themed jewels

 Groom’s attire
Suit jacket, pants and white shirt: Ermenegildo Zegna
Shoes: Hugo Boss
Tie: Calvin Klein
Boutonierre: Secret Garden Bouquets


Photography: the best Asia Pimentel Photography :-)))
hair color and cut: Hristina Stankova, New York
hair styling and make-up: Jazmin Abad Brito