Love at Caleton! Eden Roc, Cap Cana Destination Wedding! Punta Cana Destination Wedding Photographer!

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way.”

—Pablo Neruda

I really have no fancy words to describe Lilly & Jerry’s wedding, they are just one of the most authentic and sweet couples we have met this year, and their wedding it was just like they are,  you can see all of that on these photographs, no posing needed here, everything conspired to produce magic, every smile, every tear, every kiss, every spark of light, sublime decor, an epic sunset, a peaceful evening,   like a sweet kids love, a poem!

Hover through these beautiful photographs to capture the essence of this sweet couple, and take a few minutes at the end to read some of Lilly’s reflexions about her amazing wedding day! And if you are playing with the idea of a Punta Cana, destination wedding  yourself, take note of the amazing wedding vendors that Lilly brought together to make reality the wedding of her dreams, Enjoy!!

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Wedding Venue

Eden Roc, La Palapa, Caleton Cap Cana

Wedding Date

February 16, 2016 – this date is actually the date that we celebrate Valentines Day. About 10 years ago we made reservations to a restaurant for valentines dinner on February 14. When we got there they still made us wait another 1 1/2 to get seated. That day we decided that we would not celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14, we changed to February 16.

Boy meet Girl
We met when we were about 7 years old. Our mothers go to the same Seventh Day Adventist Church. Jerry and I used to go to the same bible classes for kids. However, it wasn’t until we were 16-17 that we started to have romantic feeling towards each other. We were camping with friends when the flirtation started. A few months later he asked to be his girlfriend. we dated the entire time without ever braking up. Going on 16 years

How  did he propose
Jerry and I love to travel. For my 30th birthday (July 31) he took me to Jamaica. Jerry and I till that day had never taken any couple photos. So on the first day at the resort he told me he booked a photo session for the last day. I was so excited. On the last day, it was pouring rain so I told him to cancel because it was not gonna work out. He decided to keep the appointment and hope for the best and not cancel. It stopped raining about 30 minutes before our photo session. It was turning out to be one of the most beautiful sunset that we had. During sunset we started the photo session by the edge of the beach. He told the photographer that he wanted to go over some rocks that we’re going into the water. We went there and started taking photos. The photographer knew that Jerry was gonna propose. On one photo the photographer tells me to look at the ocean, while Jerry was behind me getting down on one knee. The photographer tells me to turn around and when I do I see him on one knee. I started to cry. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that my special day was here and I loved every moment of it. We got engaged on 8/3/2014.

 Wedding Vision , style, color, scheme

I wanted something simple, beautiful and romantic with lots of candles. We are very simple people.  So we knew we wanted something  gorgeous yet simple and beautiful in the details. Jerry doesn’t like the pink or blush colours or glitter. So we right away knew that we would stay away from the “girly” colours, we both like blue so we decided to go with royal blue. I absolutely love lace, so I knew that I wanted that, incorporated into the details of our wedding, I also knew I wanted flowers with lots of greenery and candles for the tables. I came across these tree branches filled with greenery and flowers that hanged from the sealing over the tables, and I  knew I wanted that look for my wedding  and yet,  I walked into my reception and I felt that was something totally different that I had never seen in other weddings that we had attended. Most of the flowers used where white and cream roses with lots of greenery leaves. The tables had a few arrangements down the middle of the tables of white roses with lots of greens and lots of candles. It was just like a dream.  Definitely Nati executed mi vision to perfection!  My husband was in charge of picking the cake. He’s a very simple man. So he decided that he wanted a two tier cake with white frosting on it. I love cupcakes, so that was my idea.  I love carrot cake so the small tier was carrot cake. The big tier was dulce de leche. The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and banana nut with Nutella filling. It was yummy.

Guests Amount

Jerry and I early on decided that we would have a small intimate wedding. We originally decided that we would have a guest list of 50. Jerry has a really big family so that was gonna be hard. When we did the list it had 70 guest, about 50 of that was his family, lol. We were ok because everyone that was truly important to us was getting invited. Day of our wedding we ended up with 35 guests. Even better. Even thought some family was missing our family and friends enjoyed the company of everyone that went and everyone had a fantastic time, which was very important for us.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

Well we know we wanted a location overlooking the ocean but not directly on the sand and we wanted it to be private. We had first decided on another venue, I came across before and liked it a lot. I wasn’t to happy about the ceremony on the sand but it wasn’t  really a big deal if that’s how it was going to play out. When seeing photos of guest that attended other weddings at that other venue I would see people in the background watching the wedding. I really didn’t like that. I started to search for other locations and I came across Eden Roc La Palapa. I fell in love. It was exactly what we wanted. A beach wedding but not on the sand. It was private, no people in bathing suits in the background, the restaurant was beautiful. It was perfect. I quickly contacted the location and wedding planner to book the location.

 What made it unique/special your wedding ceremony?

 Our Ceremony was unique in the sense that the person that married us was my husband’s older brother. He’s studying to be a pastor and it was perfect for him to marry us. We would be the first couple he married and it was his younger brother who he was marrying, so it was very special for my husband and his brother,  no one knew that he was going to marry us so it was a beautiful surprise for everyone. My husband’s mother was crying just watching her older son marry her middle child. I loved our vows to each other. My husband is not the romantic type, so it was a nice moment to hear him saying such sweet things to me.

 What made it unique/special your wedding reception?

 What made it special is that everything I had hoped and wish my wedding would be, had come true. Natalia my wedding planner, did such a beautiful job In capturing my vision for the wedding. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it looked. All the beautiful details, like the lace around the napkins. Something else that I found so special was all the speeches. We only had the usual people scheduled, our parents, maid of honor and the best man. We ended up with about 10 speeches. I was just so happy that so many people wanted to say such beautiful things about us. What a special dinner it was for my husband and I.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.08.24 PM gardenia_2016_badge


Wedding Planner : Natalia Roldan

Photographers: Asia Pimentel and Niko Chernichenko

Bride hair and makeup: Krystie Ann 

Makeup for Bridesmaids and Mothers: Indira Sanchez

Videographer: Huellas Del Caribe 

Travel Agent: Barefoot Bridal

Cake and cupcakes: Cake Studio Bávaro

Representative at Eden Roc Cap Cana – Aura Gonzalez

Happy hour:  Agua Azul


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