Lindsay & Josue’s Boho – Romantic, Adventure inspired, Destination wedding off the Punta Cana Coast! Huracan Cafe Wedding!

“May your adventures bring you closer together,

even as they take you far away from home.”

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Our Love Story…

Josue and I met working at an ice cream shop while we were in college. For him it was love at first site. I attempted to be just friends for a while but his kind spirit, unapologetically weird personality, and persistence eventually won me over. We have now been together for over 7 years. We have survived long distance for 3 of those years. We have grown up together, supported each others dreams even when it meant being apart, have traveled together, and most of all have found comfort in each others arms, and a love that means the world to me. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my days with anyone else. He is my companion, my giggle partner, my shoulder to cry on, my champion, my encourager, my listener, my advice giver, my adventure partner, my cuddle buddy, my voice of reason, and my forever best friend.  In him I have found true love and I feel eternally grateful, some people spend a whole lifetime trying to find what we have found in each other.

Why did we choose our wedding venue?

Josue and I were engaged for 2.5 years before we finally got married! I had the hardest time finding a venue. We looked in Florida, California, Mexico, and many other destinations. We actually booked something in Florida and I immediately did not feel right about it. Once I voiced this to Josue we both decided we should keep looking. We both have a huge passion for traveling; I wanted something outside and on the ocean (I am a mermaid at heart). Josue wanted something intimate with just our closest friends and family and because of these things we decided a destination wedding was perfect for us! I didn’t want a resort wedding though. You know the ones where they all look the same. With the same chair covers and a different color ribbon on the chairs, and the same flowers just different colors for every wedding. So I thought there was no hope for a destination wedding because it seemed like almost all of them were at resorts, until we stumbled upon Huracan Café.  I immediately fell in love, it was intimate, on the ocean, totally authentic and customizable to who we are and what we wanted our wedding to be. We booked the venue within a few days of discovering it and I felt 100% sure this was the venue for our dream wedding and I never looked back. Best decision of my life!

Our  wedding day vision-inspiration!

The vision for our wedding was boho-romantic. Flowers were really important to me. I love them. I wanted overflowing flowers on the tables and for my bouquet. We both really love the farm tables and felt like they added the perfect boho vibe we wanted. For the ceremony we wanted an arch filled with flowers and greenery, no perfect bundles, and the ghost chairs gave it the perfect chic addition! I chose mismatched corals/ pinks for the color scheme. I wanted it to be bright and happy feeling. I allowed my bridesmaids to each pick a different shade of coral dress that they loved. For the groom and groomsmen we went with light blue suites, it was perfect for the tropical beach wedding.

Our wedding ceremony was unique.  We were able to customize everything with the wedding planner at Huracan and every detail was specially thought out for us. We were not limited in what we could do. Our wedding was authentically us and at the cutest seaside café!   Our reception  it truly felt like a beach party we threw for our closest friends and family.

We had everyone sign a guest globe instead of a guest book and for favors for our guests we had compasses to incorporate our love for travel.  We also had crazy hour. This is where Dominican dancers came out and really got our party started with dancing, masks, balloons, and good music. We didn’t tell any of our guests we were doing this so it was a total surprise for everyone and it turned out to be so fun!   At the end of the night Josue and I decided to do a very last dance just him and I on the dance floor in the middle of the sand with the ocean as our backdrop.  This was a special moment to really take the time to embrace the day, and have that special alone time before it was all over. The day goes by so fast and I’m so glad we did this.

And the day after… 

The day after our wedding we went out in the coolest adventure look for the next post! ;)



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  1. Hello Lindsay my name is Romina and I am so in love with your wedding blog! I plan on getting married in punta cana in February 2019. I feel like your blog really spoke to me because I don’t want a cliche wedding, and something that looks so “basic”. To be quite honest your blog is the only thing that made me feel better about having a destination wedding because I am so afraid. I was wondering if you could just give me some tips and information about how the planning was and pricing for the place. I don’t plan on having a whole bunch of people maybe about 30 guests or a little more. My style is very similar to yours, I want something boho and earthy. I was also wondering how the food was and how the portions were. If you could please get back to me that would be awesome! Thank you I would really appreciate it! :)

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