Intimate & delightful Cathy & Marlon Destination Wedding at Dreams La Romana Resort and Spa – Asia Pimentel, Destination Wedding Photographer

Their story began actually 15 years ago when the first met in NYC while Cathy was completing her studies in College. During that time he worked in the Biology Department of the University College.

The beginning on Marlon’s words:

We became friends during her years of College and at one point we even dated for a few months… But no, Love didn’t hit our doors  back then :) Over the years we remained in touch and would always meet up for Museum trips followed by brunch at a typical NYC diner. During these little adventures we would catch up on life family, work, our love lives. We remained friends all these years, always finding time to meet up and talk – I love the long conversations that occurred on our encounters. They are some of my favorite memories of our friendship. During this time in our lives we were always involved in romantic relationships with someone else, so I don’t think we ever though about dating each other again. We were always just friends during this time.

The reassemble:

This all changed at the end of 2012 – I believe she asked me out after finding out I was single. I didn’t know it at the time but she was single for over a year at this time. So we began dating, for the second time in our lives. This felt different, it was real – four years later it feels like our relationship has no beginning and no end – it fells like we have always been here living the life we do. I love her and I love the life we have together.

And that my dear  lovers is how, Love always find it’s perfect timing to flourish and dazzle our lives, so here, I leave you with just some images of Cathy and Marlon’s, intimate, genuine, and  delightful destination wedding at Dreams La Romana, this wedding was truly the delights of any destination wedding photographer. Thank you so much my dear Cathy & Marlon for choosing us to capture such beautiful memories for you, your families and the future generations to enjoy for many more.  Enjoy!