Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, Destination Wedding! Nadia & Brandon, lovely destination wedding at Sanctuary Resort!

Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?

– Shakespeare –

Brandon  first saw Nadia about 7 years ago,  a very normal day  on a college cafeteria on  their freshman year  while she was trying to decide on what food she was hungry for, and instead of coming up to her  and introducing himself, he decided to get in line behind her so that he could see her name off of the university ID, she would need to swipe to purchase a meal.   He then continued to look for her on social media and ask her out on a date.
 After their first date, they saw each other almost every day until that semester came to an end and she went home for the summer while he remained at school for football camp.     The rest  as someone said is history and on March 5th 2016, they sealed their love in front of a handful of family and friends on the grounds of the gorgeous Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort in Punta Cana Dominican Republic!
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From the Bride

Brandon proposed to me on his 24th birthday. I obviously didn’t see it coming as it was a day to celebrate him. We were staying in a hotel in downtown Denver and had plans to go out to dinner after we visited the Denver Botanic Gardens with another couple that were good friends of ours.  The fact that Brandon agreed to explore gardens on his birthday, I should have known something was up. The other couple continued to point out that certain places were good to take photos, but they would only take photos of us and didn’t want any photos of themselves. Weird. At a grassy area in the gardens, he made me put down my clutch and got down on one knee. I ugly cried/laughed and our friends not only got photos of the moment, but also caught everything on camera. It was such a surprise! I was so grateful that our friends could be there to capture the moment.
We chose our wedding location after looking extensively at our options for a destination wedding, with most of our guests leaving from Philadelphia, PA.  We wanted a direct flight for our guests and that left us with a few destinations. Ultimately we decided on the Dominican Republic. After looking through the numerous resorts in Punta Cana we came across Sanctuary Cap Cana.  Since we would not be visited any resorts before deciding on our venue we only had pictures to go off of. Between the wedding packages offered and how beautiful Sanctuary Cap Cana looked from photos, we decided to set the date with that resort. Once we got the the resort we were shown a few options in the grass of where we would be able to have our ceremony. We had a rather large attendance (90 people) so we wanted an area that could host this many people but that would also be great for photos. This is how we eventually came to rent out another room in order for our ceremony to take place on a private island where the only way to the island was through a suite in the resort.
Our wedding was special because we did not only celebrate for one day, but we were able to celebrate all week with the people that mean the most to us. Our wedding guests arrived Tuesday thru Thursday the week of our wedding, so we were able to spend time with our close friends and family leading up to our wedding day. With our large number of guests it was almost as if we occupied the entire resort and it was one big party. This was nice for Brandon and I being that we now live across the country from our friends. It was almost like a reunion, only everyone was celebrating us. Then come our wedding day, the party continued as we did not have to make our rounds greeting people at our reception, like most couples must do, because we had already seen everyone prior.  While it was week long party,  your wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye, it was really nice to have such great photographers capture moments from our special day to help us remember it forever.
                  Wedding Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige
                      Shoes: Badgley Mischa
  Veil: Nina
                    Earrings: Contessa Di Capri
                  Belt: Sara Gabriel
                          Hair:  by Hayley Styles
                                                           Bridesmaids dresses: Wtoo 907 in Primrose  from Weddington Way
Wedding Vendors   
                              Venue & Coordination:  Sanctuary Cap Cana
Ceremony and Reception setup and decor:    Caribbean Celebrations