A legit Dirty Dancing Style Destination wedding at Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort – Jay + Ivelisse – Punta Cana Photographer

“Este romance en el baile
Encontró su principio
Y por el baile jamas
Va a tener un final
Pues cada vez que mis brazos
Te aprietan bailando
Vamos marcando tu y yo
En el amor el compas… la, la, la, la”
“It was definitely not love at the first initial sight, though our close friends beg to differ … Love at first dance is a little more accurate.”

“I always love when folks ask us about our love story and how we met, because they are always “aww’ed” by the answer. Jerry and I met on the dance floor, taking salsa classes in a studio in New Jersey (a.k.a. our second home). We were introduced by Jerry’s best friend, who I coincidently went to elementary school with. I bumped into him at our dance studio, where Jerry had brought him to for classes. He introduced us that night in class, and according to him, he knew there was something there from that exact moment.

Jerry and I got to slowly know each other through rotations in salsa class, dance rehearsals, and salsa social gatherings. From there, quickly grew a love that extended far beyond our passion for dance. In every dance with him, I could NOT wipe the smile off my face. Still today, he makes me blush with every turn, every dip, and every spin.

So we got engaged on November 7th, 2015.  Earlier that year in March, Jerry and I had just moved in together to this lovely apartment complex. Downstairs they have a lounge area that residents can rent out for private events. That year Jerry said to me… “Babe, I really want to do something nice for my birthday. These last couple of years I really haven’t done much, I’m going to throw myself a birthday party”. So we began to plan his “birthday party, throughout all the planning, I not once suspected that Jerry was proposing. Though I knew that Jerry would be the man I would marry, I did not expect at all the timing of the proposal. The night of the party we were all having a great time with family and friends, and Jerry begins to thank everyone for being there to celebrate with him.

As he is speaking he begins to get emotional and asks to thank me specifically; here I am thinking he may be having a mid-life crisis (haha!). I was literally clueless until Jerry got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was so in shock and could not believe this was actually happening. I said “of course!” because yes was just not enough. I hugged him so tight, I could not let go. Then he says “babe look!” and turns me around. Then I see his brother and mine rolling into the room a beautiful table with the most beautiful engagement cake I have ever seen, and decorated so gorgeously with hints of rose, gold, and white and filled with goodies.

The table looked amazing and so romantic. From the engraved wine glasses, engraved wine bottles, personalized “mint to be” mint packets, personalized cookies, pictures, candles, flowers, everything was just magnificent!   I could not get over the details put into it. The event that night ended up being our engagement party, and it was the most magical day of my life.  We still hold decorations around the house from this special day, and it reminds me daily of how special he made this day.”           

“Jerry and Ivelisse finally sealed the deal on June 10th 2017 at the beautiful Sanctuary Cap Cana Alsol Resort, on their Island Suite facing the beautiful beach.”  Ivelisse rocked a stunning model of Essense of Australia – Ivory lace for a stone undertone, and Jerry looked his most handsome self with a custom made ivory tux jacket, with classic black tuxedo pants, a white undershirt with black buttons; and  a coral boutonniere.  It was a  beautiful day and a very emotional ceremony, this wedding it was the dream of any wedding photographer to say the least but we will let you judge by yourself!  And as you will see at the bottom of this post, by the end of the night, Jerry & Ivelisse  channeled their inner starts to offer an incredible performance to their guests that left more than one hyperventilating, and so you will see for yourself what Ivelisse meant when she said:   In every dance with him, I could NOT wipe the smile off my face. Still today, he makes me blush with every turn, every dip, and every spin.! Enjoy!!

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