Composed Workshop. A workshop for the wedding Creative! Quinta Dominica, Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic.

Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people – to build something isn’t a one-man show.   It’s more important to have smart people who really believe in what you’re doing than really experienced people who may not share your dream.

– Niklas Zennstrom –

At beginnings of this year we were invited by the uber talented, Claire Duran  of  Claire Duran Weddings & Events  & Cristina Barragán  of  Posh Peony to capture the behind the scenes of the first edition of  their Composed Workshop at Quinta Dominica, Colonial Zone in Dominican Republic.

Composed Workshop  is an educational gathering of novice and seasoned creative professionals who love the art of creating beautifully curated weddings. Claire & Cristina’s  main goal is to teach entrepreneurs to build a strong aesthetic presence using effective concepts and techniques of design, styling, and photography that coincide with the editorial world of today.

 And here, we are happy  to share with you some images that we captured of this  event, so much fun, so much learning, impeccable attention to details and most of all, lots of love & dedication!

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 Educator, Creative Direction and Styling   –  @claireduranweddingsandevents

Educator  &  Florist  –   @poshpeony

Event Coordination   –  @torcelloeventos

Silk Ribbons   –   @honeysilksco

Stationery / Graphic Design  –  @honeyscopepaper

Event Photography  –   @asiapimentelphotography

Videography  –  @crossfilm

Rentals  –  @divano_rd

Venue  –  @quintadominica

Catering  –  @ambrosiard

Souvenirs  –  @marigoldgrey

Audiovisual  –  @djpersio

Educator  &  Editorial Photographer –  @takenbysarah

Make up & Hair Style  –  @jochycampusano

                Calligraphy  –  @littlecatcreative y @inloftcalligraphy

Wedding Dress  –   @katepankokeofficial

Accesories –  @lindsaymariedesign

Cake –  @pasteleriarosario