Punta Cana Wedding Vendors & FAQ’s

We, wedding photographers, have a big responsibility on our shoulders: to capture one of the most significant and heavily photographed occasions of your life. But shooting a lot of weddings means fielding a ton of requests from brides- and grooms-to-be — and sometimes, those requests are unrealistic and could leave you disappointed down the road so I want to take a step ahead and let you know a few things about my work style.



“A wedding day is filled with unique, emotional, unexpected moments and for us, the most important thing on your wedding day is to be able to capture those as they unfold. I believe that in 20 years when you are watching your wedding photographs, these precisely will be the photographs that will excite you most.

I’m attracted to moments, so I consider that my style of photography changes accordingly to the kind of photography that the moment requires!! I love to create images that tell stories in a natural, true and fun way, I’m only interested in the real smiles, real expressions and real emotions. I think it is best to describe my images as glances that capture the honesty and realness of your wedding day, I see my work as a collaboration with my clients and my images are intimate and personal. My intention going into a wedding is to help create the space for my clients to be themselves amongst all the chaos and anxiety that takes part of a wedding day, so when they look back on their photographs, they see an accurate depiction of themselves. But above anything and everything else, I want my brides and grooms to remember how they felt on their wedding day.

With that being said on your wedding day, I will not shoot from a very specific shot list that doesn’t leave room for unexpected moments, I will not copy other photographers shots or even our own prior work and I will not recreate Pinterests shot lists!!

That’s why the best advice I can give you is to research until you find the photographer that best fits your style and establish a strong rapport with him/her. The more we know, the better we can create images to your liking! Once you have find him/her I would also encourage ‘photographer freedom’ to create images specific to your wedding. Rather than attempting to recreate something you’ve seen done before, and who knows your images may even become the new trend-setting photographs!”



To better explain this, you will need a little more of background. I am a photographer born in the digital era, for me Film photography it was just a chapter in Basic Photography, it was gone and I was the future! I was happy shooting digital, and my couples were pretty happy with the images that I was delivering so why to worry about anything else, but then I started digging around what the best wedding photographers in the world were doing. And then I discovered Jose Villa, Erich McVey, Elizabeth Messina, Jen Huang among others, and I was hooked! Why their photography was so amazing?
Why my photographs cannot look like theirs, doesn’t matter that I had as beautiful brides as they had or the amount of mindful posing or mindful editing, I was obsessed with these guys, and so I decided to look deeper to find out what was that they do that we were not doing! And I found film!And so I started a journey, I will not lie to you I was the most ignorant person about film and their endless possibilities but I was curious first and later on obsessed, so I started learning photography all again but now for real! Since then I am utterly in love with Film Photography!The look & feel of the photographs I create using film pairs perfectly with the moments I capture and stories I tell on a wedding day. My goal is to produce the best posible work that I can for my couples and for so many reasons, film plays a huge role in that. Film photographs are timeless and romantic, soft and classic. We have all fallen in love while looking at wedding images of our parents & grandparents. Their photographs have stood the test of time, even after being shared over and over again. That’s the type of family heirloom and story we strive to create for my couples.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

– Maya Angelou –

Beyond the connections I am privileged to have with my couples, photography came down to absolutely loving not just what I was doing but loving also the process. I already knew that I loved photography and wanted the medium which we capture your once-in-a-lifetime moments on to be equally as special. For me, that’s film.

Photographing with film causes me to slow down and truly be present. I am more discerning and intentional with every single image I create. As a result, I am completely connected and in the moment with you. This makes me feel and experience the artistry behind photography – Sometimes this is so often overlooked with how easy it is to fire away and take thousands of digital images. Just like a quality piece of handmade furniture or the perfect piece of pottery, I fell in love with the process of photographing with film, and it has become a major part of who I am as an artist.

The best part? My clients fall in love with the warm & inviting feeling of their images! On your wedding day, you can expect a mix of both film & digital photography. Whether it’s creating a beautiful portrait or documenting your gorgeous details with film, or creating digital images to capture all of the smiling faces at your wedding reception, with years of experience as full time wedding photographer, you can trust me to choose the best possible tool to authentically tell the story of your celebration!



Your photographer will be always me, and depending on your collection sometimes I will be accompanied for an associated photographer.


What is the “first look” you ask? It is a time when the couple meets privately for a few moments to share a sweet and intimate time together before the wedding. Often they will exchange a gift, a note or sneak a few kisses.

Many couples feel that a first look allows them a more intimate, special moment together before the excitement of the ceremony. Once the bride and groom unite in marriage, there is hardly any time for the two of them to enjoy a moment alone. This is why the “first look” prior to the ceremony has evolved into such a precious moment for the couple.

Although most of our modern-day brides decide to say “I Do” to the “first look”, some choose to keep with tradition and wait until the ceremony, so the big question is “to look or not look?” What will you do? Whatever you choose there will be no change in my regard, I plan to deliver the same photographs and never intend to control your schedule.



Yes, I definitely do, and I will do make sure to have a complete shot list for your must-have family portraits! “Let me tell you a little something about your wedding day. Your brain will be on overload! You won’t remember exactly which photos you might want. You may not even remember who you want photos with! I will provide you with a Family shot list that you will be able to edit to provide me with all the family shots you may need. This is one day that you cannot recreate! You don’t want to look back and wish you had that photo with your two favorite aunts or with your college roommates. Ask your family what they want as well. It’s just as important of a day for them as it is for you.”


Few things represent a wedding better than a bride in a white dress. And after all of the salon visits, fittings, and alterations, it’s no wonder that many brides opt to preserve their gown after the wedding day. But some brides are taking a decidedly different approach: They’re wearing their wedding dress once more in a much less careful manner (no bridesmaids carrying the train here) for a dramatic photo shoot, better known as “Rock the dress” or “trashing the dress” (or TTD), some brides shrink just to think about what can happen to their beautiful dress and others more adventurous think “Well if we are going to do this just once we better do it well” and of course the temptation is stronger if you are having a gorgeous wedding destination at a gorgeous Island in the Caribbean with it’s warm, wind, sun, sand and waters!

Is the wedding dress ruined? Not necessarily. Should you decide to give this trend a try, you (and your wedding photographer) should discuss beforehand just how badly you’ll trash your gown. Particularly I promise, no wedding dress have suffered in my popular Rock the dress photoshoot!!

Alive memories are those that capture not only the sheen, sleekly elegance of the receptions and ceremonies of a wedding, but also the wild part of you, the part in which you are the actor of your own life, in a real, natural environment. The concept is to relax (finally!) and Enjoy.



Each wedding is unique and typically delivers a different product every time. There is no end goal for a set number of images for your day. I want to capture as much of your day as I can and give you the best of the best. After an intense selection I will deliver you only the pictures that meet my quality standards. For a full 8 hour day, I normally guarantee around 600 but normally deliver more.


After an intense selection and within 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding, you will receive a wide selection of fully edited, ready to print, high resolution JPEG files, through a password­ protected online gallery to be viewed, shared or downloaded by you and your family at your leisure over the next 6 months, same with your wedding film.


Every couple is different, and see their wedding day on a different way, that’s why instead of having a lot of complicated packages, I offer one Basic Wedding collection that you can customize to fit your wedding day according to your needs!

In order to secure your date with me, a signed contract and a 35% retainer are required. (3 Payments-Plan available upon request). Wedding dates are booked on a first come first serve basis, I only accept a limited number of wedding commissions yearly in order to provide clients with the absolute highest level of service and attention. No dates are held without both a signed services agreement and a paid retainer.

But actually my favourite booking protocol is to have a Skype session with you, so we can know more about each other, your story, how you envision your wedding day and how I can help you to make true that vision. From the first contact you’ll receive a prompt and friendly response to help you with the process to suit our services and your needs for the big day, through emails, phone calls and meetings, we are every time available to reassure you that every detail will be cared of.

If you guys have any question at all or would like more information about any particular information please do not hesitate to contact me, I am glad to help in anything you may need! :)