About Niko

Meet your Photo & video team
in the dominican republic

Hi, I'm Niko 
I appreciate your time and interest in learning more
 about the work and team behind NCH Studio.

Born and raised in Moscow Russia, I migrated with my family to the Dominican Republic at 16 years old. Ten  years later, proudly nationalized Dominican, graduated from Film School, and completely
in love with the endless Dominican Republic,
 (its people, its food, its music, its colors, its values)
 and the art of photography, I started my entrepreneurial journey as a creative artist.

 Together with a talented team of friends, I founded NCH STUDIO, through which we provide wedding photography and videography, and quality portrait photography to a wide variety of clients. We take great pride in being recognized among the best wedding photographers in the Dominican Republic.

Please allow me to introduce you to our talented team!

The ultimate artist on our team. 
Enthusiast of Fine Art and Conceptual photography.

A very wild spirit on the sweetest baby looking face.
Buddhist and storyteller. 
Highly talented and skilled. 
An avid collector of old cameras. 

 Grasshopper, writer and occasional poet, lover of nature, and the universe.


Five feet and nine inches of pure charisma, Paloma is our passionate lead photographer and resident art guru.

A legit wanderer and citizen of the world, Paloma is a talented, creative soul pursuing beauty in habitualness. 

Graduated from the National School of Dramatic Art, and glued to her old film camera. Her beautiful personality and unique and original way of seeing things allow her to cut straight to the emotional spirit of a moment; capturing and preserving it in a way that contributes to NCH Studio’s reputation as an applauded destination wedding and event photographers.


Don’t let his handsome young face fools you; Bel is an accomplished husband and father of three. A true family man.

Innately talented, Self-taught and self-made. Bel tirelessly worked his way up to become one of the best visual artists in the island.

Without doubts, we say he upgrades our team with his friendliness and professionalism and our storytelling style with his unique and indisputable skills. And we are so proud to have him as a part of our team.


THE team

NCH STUDIO has been built around a strong team that focuses on creativity, quality, and service to our clients.

 We offer you our complete care and utmost attention from the first inquiry. I (Niko) manage the day to day studio operations, including meetings with clients, shot lists, timelines, coordinate team, post-production, and overall back end work to make the best experience & products for our clients!
Our booking process starts with a face to face consultation (may be in-person - or virtual) to allow us to learn more about you (and viceversa), answer all your questions, and make sure nothing on your wedding vision is overlooked in the planning process.

If you need it, we will provide you all our knowledge about weddings on the island, from venues, timelines, vendor referrals, and feedback, etc. Consider us your eyes in the Dominican Republic.


Kind words from our
 wedding clients

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