Zach & Alex, Honeymoon adventure in Dominican Republic! Punta Cana, Destination Wedding photographers!

“It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you.” – Annonymous 

When Alex & Zach decided to take their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, they thought that since they never got formal engagement photos,  it might be fun to do portraits on their honeymoon especially because otherwise they’d only have those awkwardly posed photos taken by random strangers.  And so a common friend (to whom I will be forever grateful for this and for other 1000 reasons) recommended  them to get in contact with us and from the first email we all knew we were in for a good ride.  I mean they were supposed to be visiting all the right places around our country and I was not going to choose, so I tricked them into a photo adventure all around  and when they answered back all excited about it, I almost had a heart attack for all the emotion!

Of course I am not going to say that it wasn’t a little bit challenging sometimes but  the images resulting were my favorites ever,  and it was not just about the images but about the overall experience, the talking, the accidents, the surprises, the laughing, the double rainbow, the traffic jam that almost ruin our first day photoshoot and made us improvise and ending having a night shooting instead of a sunset one,  or the poor planned picnic that ended being just a grapes tossing contests, and the four of us eating sweet treats and drinking Orange juice from a box while  driving back to the hotel or the sudden rain that made us run vigorously to look for protection in a wild beach with no edifications at all, but mainly this photoshoot was all about  just capturing  real life, fun  and the love between two people that consider each other home and the genuine connection that can exist between strangers that just know each other from a few minutes ago and the next minute are not strangers anymore but friends who resonate with each other and can totally understand each other’s feelings and stories just for having the intention to.

And well I had a really hard time to select the photographs for this post, since I didn’t want to post too many images first for respect to Zach and Alex and also to not make it boring but I also thought that each missing image was taking the next one out of context lol!  Anyway overall I think this post resume our adventure pretty well, now I will just leave you to enjoy it! And heyyy if these images resonate with you and the idea of a real life photo adventure around our blessed little island, seems interesting to you please don’t hesitate to get in contact!  Enjoy!


Day One.

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone,  Dominican Republic. Oldest European settlement in the New World. UNESCO World Heritage Site



Day Two.

Salto Baiguate, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic



Day Three

Macao Beach, Bavaro – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic