Sunrise Engagement at Macao beach. Punta Cana Photographer.

Y todo comenzó, bailando;

tu cuerpo me embriago bailando,

entramos en calor, bailando;  Bailando hicimos el amor!!

Dejamos de ser dos, bailando;  El ritmo nos unió, bailando;

Perdimos el control, bailando; Bailando hicimos el amor!

Yeah, once again a couple makes me remember a delicious, rhythmic, and catchy latin-american song. This pair of lovebirds are professional dancers and they met dancing Salsa, I guess that’s why I cannot take this song in my head when I see one of their pictures lol!!  We were so lucky to get to capture some memories for these two well coordinated and gorgeous people!! We can’t wait to capture their beautiful wedding next June 10 at the gorgeous Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort!

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise Engagement at Macao beach. Punta Cana Photographer.

  1. Thank you Asia and Niko for featuring us on your blog and for making us look like professional models! I can’t believe that’s us! Haha! Can’t wait to reunite next year! Looking forward to working with you again!

    • Jerry & Ivelisse! We are so glad that you loved your engagement photographs, it was such a pleasure for us to capture these for you! We definitely can’t wait for your wedding day to arrive!! :) We are so excited!!

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