Intimate couple Portrait session at Tortuga bay, Punta Cana Resort!

On a grayish afternoon of April, I met Sarah at her hotel room at the luxury Tortuga bay by  Punta Cana Resorts  to take some boudoir portraits to give to her soon to be husband Andrew!  Here I am just posting some of the warm up portraits we did as Sarah managed to start feeling comfortable with such intimate situation, just before Andrew would come back earlier from his golfing trip and surprised us midaction as you can see in one of the last posted black and white shots. And so clothes started flying away and our shy portraits session would turn up to be a very sexy couple session with champagne, music,  and bubbles  in a hot tub bath. The last two shots are just a tease to give you an idea of how pretty and intimate everything turned out to be, but I am not sharing those shots here. I just can promise you these two are the dream of any destination photographer and I could not being happier for capturing such special memories for them!