“Fun loving” Lilli and Leo, Engagement photoshoot at Altos de Chavon, Casa de Campo, La Romana. Dominican Republic

 “Fun loving”
You guessed right that’s the word Lilli & Leo  pick to describe themselves as a couple!!
And I think, it fits them just perfect!

Met 7 years ago in college during a networking event. Hit it off right away, starting dating shortly after meeting each other. Spent 2 years in college together, Traveled to Brazil and Argentina for 3 weeks, graduated.. Traveled to 11 countries in Europe together in 24 days. 2 years working in NYC.  In 2013 Leo got a job in San Francisco, for 2 year.. Leo moved, then Lili moved to San Francisco to be with him for about 1 1/2 years.  After 2 years were over both moved back to NYC and continued to live together.  Traveled to many other places. and just trying to enjoy life :)

What Lili loves most about Leo is his empathy towards her and other people.
What Leo loves most about Lili is her smile and support towards him.

Proposal : A scavenger hunt around the NYC, with different stops and clues of different phases of their relationship. A really long and cute story that they shared with us in our first dinner together!


As for us, we are counting the days until these two lovebirds tie the knot in our beautiful Colonial Zone  which is actually  a World Heritage Site .  Under the coordination and styling of our talented  Claire Duran Wedding & Events