Soft & Sexy!! Rock the dress photoshoot at Altos de Chavon, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic!

Few things represent a wedding better than a bride in a white dress. And after all of the salon visits, fittings, and alterations, it’s no wonder that many brides opt to preserve their gown after the wedding day. But some brides are taking a decidedly different approach: They’re wearing their wedding dress once more in a much less careful manner (no bridesmaids carrying the train here) for a dramatic photo shoot, better known as “Rock the dress” or “trashing the dress” (or TTD) some brides shrink just to think about what can happen to their beautiful dress and others more adventurous think “Well if we are going to do this just once we better do it well” and of course the temptation is stronger if you are having a gorgeous wedding destination at Punta Cana with it’s warm, wind, sun, sand and waters!

Is the wedding dress ruined?
Not necessarily.  Should you decide to give this trend a try, you (and your wedding photographer) will discuss beforehand just how badly you’ll trash your gown. The concept is to relax (finally!) and Enjoy.   This time we want to show you just a few shots of another of our gorgeous brides who decided to give a try to this  popular wedding trend, not in one but in two of the hottest spots in our beautiful Island, Altos de Chavon at Casa de  Campo in la Romana and Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve  in Punta Cana! Enjoy!

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