Wedding Planning Online Resources

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming tasks. But it shouldn’t be and so to help ensure a positive planning experience, we created a list containing some useful online resources for a smooth wedding planning.

When you get engaged, the excitement of it, can act as a shield. But once that falls and the reality sets in, people panic and stress out. No one wants that though. Planning your wedding should be a fun and enjoyable process for everyone involved but especially the future spouses. 


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Who’s Even Coming? (Guest List & RSVPs)

Creating your guest list can be stressful and even receiving all of those RSVPs back is stressful. A great resource for creating your wedding list is Bridal Guide. They know to create that list and choosing who gets invited and who doesn’t can be overwhelming. They create a simple and easy way to go through your memory and think of people you may have forgotten about. For your RSVPs, there are a few options for keeping them in order. You can create your own spreadsheet to keep track or use an online resource such as Wedding Happy to help you keep track. Either way, it will make the process easier. 

A helpful tip when sending out your RSVPs is to write the person’s name on the paper in invisible ink that can only be read with a blue light. This may seem silly however sometimes your guests forget to write their name on their RSVP when they send them back and then you have no idea who sent it to you. If you use the pen then you can check with your blue light. Simple and easy to avoid a bigger problem! If you’re struggling to create your guest list, generally speaking, Brides has a great trick to help you figure out that list and make it easier.

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Don’t Get Behind with your wedding planning

One of the first things you may do when you get engaged is picking your wedding date. This is important because everything else seems to follow that. You can’t move forward with finding a venue if you don’t even have a date yet. Once this date is picked the wedding planning has to fall in line with that date. Some things are required to be done so far in advance. This isn’t such a big deal unless you get behind for any reason. The last thing anyone wants is to be rushing the last few months trying to get everything planned out accordingly. A great resource to help you stay on top of that wedding to-do list is Wedding Happy

They have an app that you can download on your smartphone. You can put in your wedding plan and set your dates and timeline up accordingly. It will then notify you when those days and times come. This helps you to stay on top of that tight deadline to-do list and not get too behind. Another great resource that has similar features is Zola. They have a wedding planning checklist for you to use and ensure you’re not forgetting an important detail!

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Keeping wedding details in Check

Because of all of the tiny details that go into a wedding it can be confusing. Using a resource to help you plan your wedding generally speaking is a relief. Sites such as The Knot or Wedding Wire are actually amazing free wedding planning platforms and offer tons of resources themselves that can assist you in your planning process.

They have articles and blogs that are filled with useful information. Both vague and detailed depending on what you’d need assistance with. They also offer things like quizzes that can help you figure out what your wedding style is or what color scheme you’re drawn to. They both are great tools. Inspect them both out and make the decision yourself on which one is best for you and your wedding plan.

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Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts.

One thing you don’t want to overlook during your planning process are gifts.

These aren’t just your wedding party gifts but even your wedding favors. These are what your guests take home and use to remember your big day. Finding something that perfectly reflects the two of you as a couple but also matches your overall theme can be tricky.

That’s why having great resources that’s focused on only gifts is so useful. But first you may need to understand what type of gifts you are interested on giving away on your wedding.

Here we wanted to help you creating a list of resources that we hope you will find useful and that link to sites that count with a large selection of wedding gift ideas you can look at. They have tons of ideas along with links so you can purchase exactly that item if you wish. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift to properly say thank you to your wedding guests.

Great bridesmaids gifts ideas

Great groomsmen gifts ideas

Wedding souvenirs ideas

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Lost your Creativity?

One major thing everyone wants for their wedding is for it to be unique and creative. You want everyone to forever remember your wedding day. Not just another boring wedding day. If you’re struggling to be creative and come up with new and fun ideas, the greatest resource for wedding planning is Pinterest. Littered with ideas, no matter what you’re looking for, or trying to find, we’re sure you’ll find it on Pinterest. Wedding colors, wedding dresses, suits, flowers, reception decor, food, whatever it is, Pinterest has ideas for you!

Wedding planning can be overwhelming indeed but we hope that you find a good use for the resources we’ve outlined above for you, so your wedding planning turn into something you can look back on, filled with positive and exciting memories. Not stressful moments or even arguments about certain topics but a breeze you’ll look back and smile about. Happy Planning!


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