Punta Cana Destination wedding! Jennifer and Bryan at Jellyfish!!

Think back to St. Thomas the first time we laid eyes on each other and you smiled at me. I will never forget that moment, I met the girl of my dreams and my best friend. With  each passing day I fall more in love with you!


The quote in the top was written in the designer’s  label inside Jennifer’s  wedding dress. Together with a line that writes: ” Made with love for the beautiful bride Jennifer” I could not tell which one of the many details that I could enumerates from this magical day was my favorite!! Or maybe  Jennifer’s mom  who could not decide how to express her happiness going from laughs to tears every 5 minutes. Or Jennifer using the same antique shoes that her mom’s used when got married, Oooohhh and I almost forget the beautiful work that Krystie Ann made glamming these good looking ladies etc, etc…  I would call this one,  a family elopement, not a great party, not to much stress or drama just the closest friends and family of  Jennifer and Bryan, drinking each other’s smiles, jokes,  and enjoying every second together without a lot of noise but with a deep love and a palatable connection between each other!!  And the decor “brilliant”!! I definitely loved it,  you will guess it by the amount of  decor pictures that I’m including on the post!! A magical wedding at sunset in jelly Fish!  Enjoy!!


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