Punta Cana Destination wedding! Eliz and Ian’s Huracan wedding!

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.

Santa Teresa de Jesus

Eliz it was a last minute booking, I think just two month in advance but in the short time we’ve know her this quote definitely makes me think on her!  A contrasting couple, Ian, very tall and strong, Eliz, petite and soft and they melt on each other arms like you will be able to appreciate in the following pictures,  the kind of people that you are proud to count as a friend because  of their humbleness and  warmth,  to talk with them is easy, relaxing and to share the day with Eliz’s sisters is beyond fun!!    This wedding is another one of our favorites,  a day full of  friends, fun, laugh and tears,  and the beautiful work of Naty and Mayte that as always turns Huracan Cafè in a nest of love and beauty.

We love the result of this work  of course we always love our work , we are pretty good on our craft (lol so humble!!) but come on this time it was too easy a real day off and we’ll be eternally grateful for make us a part of your group party guys!!

Eliz Ian-101-M

Eliz Ian-85-M

Eliz Ian-94-M

Eliz Ian-129-M

Eliz Ian-88-M

Eliz Ian-121-M

Eliz Ian-108-M

Eliz Ian-125-M

Eliz Ian-143-M

Eliz Ian-152-M

Eliz Ian-166-M

Eliz Ian-170-M

Eliz Ian-178-M

Eliz Ian-187-M

Eliz Ian-194-M

Eliz Ian-213-M

Eliz Ian-201-M

Eliz Ian-214-M

Eliz Ian-258-M

Eliz Ian-238-M

Eliz Ian-256-M

Eliz Ian-313-M

Eliz Ian-283-M

Eliz Ian-309-M

Eliz Ian-299-M

Eliz Ian-316-M

Eliz Ian-322-M

Eliz Ian-330-M

Eliz Ian-336-M

Eliz Ian-337-M

Eliz Ian-341-M

Eliz Ian-342-M

Eliz Ian-376-M

Eliz Ian-379-M (1)

Eliz Ian-397-M

Eliz Ian-441-M

Eliz Ian-444-M

Eliz Ian-468-M

Eliz Ian-543-M

Eliz Ian-548-M

Eliz Ian-555-M

Eliz Ian-639-M

Eliz Ian-699-M

Eliz Ian-716-M

Eliz Ian-703-M

Eliz Ian-740-M

Eliz Ian-779-M

Eliz Ian-781-M

Eliz Ian-786-M

Eliz Ian-794-M

Eliz Ian-791-M

Eliz Ian-793-M

Eliz Ian-797-M

Eliz Ian-808-M

Eliz Ian-811-M

Eliz Ian-830-M

Eliz Ian-838-M

Eliz Ian-847-M

Eliz Ian-859-M

Eliz Ian-860-M

Eliz Ian-862-M

Eliz Ian-937-M

Eliz Ian-940-M

Eliz Ian-975-M

Eliz Ian-999-M

Eliz Ian-1005-M

Eliz Ian-1023-M

Eliz Ian-964-M

Eliz Ian-1048-M

Eliz Ian-1050-M

Eliz Ian-1028-M

Eliz Ian-1075-M

Eliz Ian-1076-M

Eliz Ian-1088-M

Eliz Ian-1063-M

Eliz Ian-1061-M

Eliz Ian-1159-M

Eliz Ian-1201-M

Eliz Ian-1205-M

Eliz Ian-1207-M

Eliz Ian-1218-M

Eliz Ian-1220-M

Eliz Ian-1223-M

Eliz Ian-1226-M

Eliz Ian-1228-M

Eliz Ian-1236-M

Eliz you are an adorable soul, to meet people like you and Ian is enriching for us!! Thank you for choosing us and for being so patient and special !! Love you!!