Dreams La Romana, Bayahibe Michelle and Brett, Lovely sunset destination wedding!

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.”

This quote has been told by many brilliant minds from past to modern times, and was also the first thing that  comes to my mind when I  need to describe this wedding, Michelle and Bret are young, fun, beautiful and smart, people who absolutely understand what is important about their commitment and how it must be celebrated, there was no space for trivial thing in this wedding, just the people and the feelings that matter, simple, elegant, refreshing, fun, heartwarming, a lovely location, we are very well impressed for the so well cared Dreams wedding gardens and how the light dance so softly between the trees at sunset and sunrise, we loved this wedding on all its angles, location, people, energy, weather… And the cutest and funniest trash the dress ever… :)

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  1. Brett and I absolutely LOVE our wedding pictures. We had a wonderful wedding and are so happy that Asia and Nikolay were able to capture it for us to look back at forever. They captured all of the important moments both big and small beautifully. Our family and friends are constantly telling us how great our wedding pictures are.

    Thank you Asia and Nikolay!

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