Jelly Fish, Punta Cana Destination Wedding, Sonia & Carlos!

This one it was our very latest 2014’s wedding so I wanted to publish it right now that we are are leaving to Punta Cana for our first 2015’s wedding at Huracan. As you will notice I got crazy and posted maybe too many pictures (sorry I could not choose) for those brides that want to see complete weddings instead of just some of the best shots of course this is very far from the final amount of pictures that we delivered to Sonia and Carlos but here you will have a pretty good idea about the complete gallery.
One of the best things about religious ceremonies is the length of the ceremony that allows you to slow down and plan your shot, and gives you almost a whole hour for shots. This was “the kisses wedding” approximately the 80% of the pictures where Sonia and Carlos were together they were kissing!! Sonia has a very introverted personality, but when she looks at Carlos she definitely glows, Carlos is very relaxed and caring and also looks at Sonia with absolute adoration. It was a beautiful day we definitely enjoyed every moment of it,  working with friends like Ana Nuett who as usual made  his magic, glamming up Sonia and her girls and with Juan of Cores Film, it is always a pleasure for us to work with Juan.   And even when the schedule got tight for shots we finally got some beautiful shots of course it was very easy with such a good looking couple, judge by yourself and enjoy!! :)
AC9A0653-M AC9A0586-M AC9A0908-M AC9A1009-M AC9A1026-M AC9A1044-M AC9A1058-M AC9A1076-M AC9A1096-M AC9A1164-M IMG_9618-M IMG_9629-M AC9A1174-M IMG_9677-M AC9A1189-M AC9A1204-M AC9A1214-M IMG_9047-M IMG_9007-M IMG_9098-M IMG_9100-M IMG_9110-M IMG_9120-M IMG_9125-M AC9A0749-M IMG_9137-M IMG_9162-M IMG_9181-M AC9A0814-M AC9A0847-M IMG_9390-M IMG_9434-M IMG_9701-M AC9A1252-M IMG_9717-M AC9A1262-M IMG_9756-M IMG_9771-M IMG_9810-M IMG_9822-M AC9A1300-M AC9A1315-M AC9A1373-M AC9A1375-M AC9A1390-M IMG_9833-M AC9A1400-M IMG_9839-M IMG_9898-M IMG_9901-M IMG_9912-M IMG_9914-M IMG_9924-M
IMG_0119-M AC9A1425-M AC9A1433-M AC9A1462-M AC9A1444-M AC9A1518-M AC9A1472-M AC9A1484-M IMG_0043-M IMG_0074-M IMG_0099-M IMG_0065-M AC9A1554-M IMG_9931-M IMG_9940-M AC9A1601-M AC9A1605-M AC9A1617-M AC9A1627-M AC9A1650-M AC9A1676-M AC9A1685-M AC9A1700-M AC9A1711-M AC9A1757-M AC9A1779-M AC9A1855-M AC9A1844-M IMG_0110-M IMG_0154-M AC9A1916-M AC9A1972-M IMG_0324-M IMG_0193-M IMG_0197-M IMG_0219-M AC9A2079-M AC9A2098-M AC9A2126-M AC9A2127-M AC9A2132-M AC9A2198-M IMG_0392-Edit-3-M IMG_0396-M IMG_0433-M IMG_0440-M IMG_0514-M IMG_0527-M IMG_0531-M IMG_0539-M IMG_0548-M IMG_0566-M IMG_0590-M IMG_0618-M IMG_0642-M IMG_0640-M IMG_0644-M IMG_0658-M IMG_0678-M IMG_0714-M IMG_0769-M IMG_0868-M IMG_0871-M IMG_0903-M IMG_0943-M IMG_0958-M IMG_0964-M IMG_1026-M IMG_1076-M IMG_1105-M IMG_1128-M IMG_1133-M IMG_1163-M IMG_1180-M IMG_1192-M IMG_1194-M IMG_1202-M IMG_1208-M IMG_1214-M IMG_1237-M IMG_1256-M IMG_1263-M IMG_1301-M IMG_1310-M IMG_1313-M IMG_1384-M IMG_1389-M IMG_1456-M IMG_1473-M IMG_1475-M IMG_1494-M IMG_1529-M IMG_1541-M IMG_1612-M IMG_1644-M IMG_1667-M IMG_1668-M IMG_1678-M IMG_1687-M IMG_1690-M IMG_1705-M IMG_1707-M IMG_1725-M IMG_1741-M IMG_1752-M IMG_1769-M IMG_1876-M IMG_1885-M IMG_1890-M